Image Masking Service

In the world of Graphic design, Image masking service is one of the most popular, at the same time, compulsory services nowadays. We call this compulsory as more than 55% of online consumers want their product images to be on in the transparent background, and this task can be done with these Image masking services.

A busy photographer cannot provide all the captured photos ready to be on the transparent background, as a result, we provide professional Image editors to solve the problems. If you are looking for this Image masking service for your business, then you are absolutely in the right place with us in this clippingpathspot.com!

A Brief Intro of Image Masking Services:

This service is the up-to-date version of the photo editing method where we smartly isolate the unwanted portion of a photo from the main subject. In other words, image masking means exposing some parts while hiding some parts of an Image. Clipping path is basically used for background removal, but when the image has some complexity with its soft edges, many turns, outlines, and curves, exactly at this point we need this image masking service to apply. This job is needed in those minute photographs which cannot be edited only using normal photoshop tools. Even, this digital photo editing can also be applicable in those photos which have peripheral blur, feathers, flames, lighting, chiffon or muslin clothing, translucent glass, and extremely thin parts like some flying hair, and many more. 

After the image masking task, the subject of the photo will also be highlighted, and the mask or cover that we will be using in the images will also look that much natural as no one can identify that it has been gone through a great task of image masking. 

This is a method where some portions used to be hidden while others will be highlighted. As a result, it will create several visual effects and visual effects campaigns. In the general type of Image, the Masking technique is called layer masking. In this technique, the Photoshop layer masking method controls the transparency of the layer that they wear. In other words, the portions that are covered by the layer mask will be transparent, which will give the photo the liberty to move the lower layers. In maximum cases, photoshop layer masks used to work in a similar way to costume ball dance party mask. This costume mask will hide some areas of a person’s faces while revealing other parts like the nose, eyes, mouth, etc. at the time. Photoshop layer masking will also hide some parts of a photo while revealing other parts just like the costume mask.

Different techniques of Image masking services:

Our clippingpathspot.com offers a large variety of professional Image masking services to our all honorable clients. We use graphic tablets that will separate the product photo from the background with natural soft edges. By applying this technique, we can perfectly blend the soft and hard areas of the subject clearly. Our services include- color separation, background eraser tool, hand-drawn clipping path, channel mask, and many more. As a professional company, we push ourselves to that extend to polish your images until we satisfy the edges which declare that it’s smooth and not sharp anymore. To know more about our services, please check below:

  • Photoshop layer masking: This type of method is a high-quality hand-made manual photoshopping in which the masks are placed directly to the layer using soft and refined edges. Layer masking is quite safe in a sense as it can be changed because no permanent changes are made to the image. This photoshop layer masking is basically used to highlight the subject or remove the background.
  • Channel masking or Alpha Channel Masking: Alpha channel Masking is a kind of technique where we used to make the mask first, then remove the background or sometimes cut the main image from its actual place, and place the subject photo in an alpha channel to edit or adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. Channel making even makes the image file smaller in size. The images which have a single color with non-serpentine soft edges should have gone through this Alpha masking to soothe our eyes with extraordinary beauty.
  • Transparent Masking: Sometimes the background and lighting of an image are quite transparent as it needs to be placed in a different suitable setting where it will look more natural to regain the originality of the product and make the color more visible. If you feel like the background of the image is decreasing the product quality then this transparent image masking type will be best for you to present the product in a perfect way.
  • Photoshop collage MaskingThe commercial media such as magazines, brochures, catalogs, leaflets, and online websites are using this type of collage image masking techniques. In this type of photo editing, it primarily eliminates the background. Initially while doing the masking, our professionals will create a collage with various images together by copy and paste. Then they will decorate the photo with their professional hands to make it a new and unique one. Even we value our clients as we can also make the background blur or dazzling as per the client’s request.
  • Fur and Hair Masking: This type of image editing is very hard, delicate to handle, and laborious kind of work to be done. Because hair, fur, and flesh photos generally carry many curves, soft edges, and thinner lines in it. To mask such types of photos, using clipping path technique is not enough to remove the background. That’s why our professionals are here to serve you with their world-class photoshop to make these objects look quite natural.

The Value of the Image Masking Service:

The reasons for our choice of this Image masking service are many. First of all, this kind of photo editing is harmless as these given masks can be changed anytime if you want to remove it and get the actual photo or you can even change the mask later too. With this image masking, we can easily highlight a portion or eliminate other unwanted areas if we want to, which is, of course, retrievable. In short, this is a great technique for those who have a desire to get back their real picture later.

Secondly, this photo editing type is used to modify the area of an image, and we can’t deny the fact that image modification becomes a popular aspect for many people around the world today. For instance- online retailers, photographers, modeling agencies, advising farms, and many companies like these find it compulsory to edit images before using it in public media. With the image masking, some sections can be more visible and others can be removed, even there can be color correction too. This image masking is very much useful for exposure correction and contrast adjustment.

This is a must needed option while removing the background of translucent objects. Even using this image masking, our professionals can fix the images of objects like glasses in a unique way which will keep the natural look of the subject. 

At last, we can say that if you need high-quality images for professional or personal usage, you can fully rely on our expert team without any kind of hesitation. Our experts will serve you with their experienced talent and fulfill your every required service to satisfy your hunger to get a perfect picture.

The Advantage of Our Image Masking Service:

While a photographer captures a photo, there are 65% chances that it cannot be perfect as we want it to be. The basic problems can be the visible sharp areas around the subject which should be modified to be a soft one. Even some images have complex layers like one or more outlines with lots of curves and turns. Using only the clipping path to modify these types of images is not enough sometimes. In this case, you need our experts to finish this task smoothly for you by using this image masking service.

The main advantage of Image masking is no need to mark the portion of the image where the photoshop should be done, the masking system will do this task for us and we can then easily transform the image or resize it according to our desire. Even though, it is not so easy to finish the task, because there are highly recommended ways to do the job neatly.

Firstly, this Image masking is allowing you to do a high level of edit options, it will give you the chance to modify, add, or remove elements inside the mask. This will ultimately initiate our professional’s working flow as they can go to any extent to play with the editing inside the mask. This gives a chance to create something, mask it up and then go for the unlimited edit as you want without any tension.

To edit the clear and semi-transparent objects like lightning, glasses, smokes- this image masking service is the best option to do. Many advertisement agencies use this image masking to highlight their model’s images with flying hairs, even many individuals used to go for this photo masking to make their wedding or lifetime event photographs a unique one. 

Our clippingpathspot.com is waiting to make your desires come true; then what are you waiting for!

Difference between Image Masking and Clipping Path

Both techniques aids to catch specific portions of photographs to knock out the background or edit subjects. But these techniques are applied in different types of images.

Clipping path only grabs the edges of subjects to differentiate them from the raw files. On the other hand, masking covers the whole subject to edit or remove. Sometimes, the mask can catch a layer of a photo too.

The main difference between the clipping path and masking is based on the type of edges of subjects. A clipping path can provide its best when the photo will have subjects with simple and hard edges. Cars, mobile phones, furniture, buildings are examples. But subjects with soft and critical edges can only be captured through this method. Subjects like human muscle and hair, group of animals, etc. need this method. Sometimes, a photograph can require both clipping path and image masking for editing results.


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