Ghost Mannequin Service

Images that bring life to your products are essential to improving the sales quantity. The new development of technology provides a technique for presenting the products called Ghost Mannequin in which you can present your product without models.

 For fashion retailers, they need to show their products wearing real people to show the products with actual gestures and postures. Using a model can give your products the 3D or 360-degree viewing experience which will capture the eyes of many customers.  Live models are expensive for sure, and getting their schedule is also a difficult task, and last but not the least, they are not reliable at times. On the other hand, using mannequin is a smart option, and it requires only a one-time investment. But, you don’t need to showcase the mannequin, at this point the ghost mannequin idea comes in.

Professionally edited ghost mannequins will provide you with product depth. Whether you need the entire mannequin or just a neck or a joint, you can get it all without showing the mannequin. These natural-looking photos without mannequin will appeal to the customers more as they can envision themselves wearing the clothes and accessories. Our professionals will first shoot using a mannequin and afterward, they edit the picture to remove the mannequin to present your product with all the elegance.

How Ghost Mannequin Services Works

Most images where the mannequins become ghost-like or invisible are created from just two other images or sometimes more pictures are required to use. It depends on the shape of your product and how many details we should cover through the use of a model or a mannequin at the time of the shoot. Some products like bracelets and watches do not require to use of a mannequin, even though our photographers still have to combine images to get rid of unwanted elements from the photo and manage the existing lighting properly. 

Mannequins give the photographers a chance to retain the product shape which allows the photographer to present the product perfectly with their depth. It will help our clients to improve their product elegance which will ultimately initiate product demand among the customers, and ultimately it will result in a huge success for the e-commerce store owner. 

This ghost mannequin service will be really helpful for an e-commerce store, fashion photography, professional clothing photography, and the ready-made company. This service is strongly needed to catch target customers around the world.

Variations of Ghost Mannequin Services:

Customers become so much curious and smart today as the consumers need to do something new unique and unorthodox to get their attention. Here we offer some different variations of Ghost mannequin services that are given below:

3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effect

This effect will give your products images a 3-dimensional look, especially to products like clothing, jewelry, watches, etc. Because customers need to understand how it will look while they use those products and consumers, as well as need to present their products to attract customers. Our photoshop experts are always ready to take challenges as we also edit normal mannequin pictures to make it 3D or 360 degrees. We are offering this service at a very cheap rate.

Neck Joint Ghost Mannequin Services:

The ghost mannequin image editing will provide a service that will remove the mannequin from the product. But while removing the mannequin from the products like shirts, gowns, jackets, suits, etc; it will make a hollow on the image’s neck portions. In neck joint services we will fix this problem to bring the neck part from another image of the same type of the product and joint them together by image clipping.

Bottom Joint Ghost Mannequin Services:

This type of Ghost mannequin editing should be done when the back portion of cloth is longer than the front part. Some clothing types, like long floor touch gowns, have an elongated back. After removing the mannequin, our photoshop experts will cut the bottom portion from another picture and joint them together by the clipping path technique.

Sleeves Joint Ghost Mannequin:

This editing has been done to the cloths with long sleeves like jackets, suits, sweaters, etc. After removing the mannequin, our experts used to edit the sleeves and the body parts separately to give the perfect hollow look. It is important to keep up the pace with the updated market, and we are giving your product pictures a smart updated look.

Importance of Our Ghost Mannequin Services:

Ghost mannequin service requires different skills such as color development and making differences among images. It also requires replacing those areas which seem faded. Our professionals are conscious of these problems and they always make them up-to-date to solve these problems with the technological skills they have. In this way, they are presenting the product images with supreme excellence.

On the internet, you can get lots of picture editing tools with those you can easily edit your product picture. But using those tools professionally and giving those images a unique look can be impossible without professional image editing services. At this point, you need our experts to give you relief from all those negative vibes.

Our clippingpathspot.com has professionals who are well conscious of the stuff which needed refinement in the picture like intensity, color correction, contrast alteration, light adjustment, sharpening, and many more. Even our professionals are also conscious of the backlight effect as well as the shadow transformation.

Benefits of using Invisible Mannequin:

Using models to present the products is an expensive way of the product presentation and it’s not a one-time paid process as well. But using mannequins instead of models, while doing the ghost mannequin editing, will save the consumer plenty of time and money. And if you rely on our service, our experts will remove the mannequin quite smoothly from the cloth. Another important reason to use this service is that it will make your clothes more attractive and practical towards the customers as they feel like buying it. While the ghost mannequin process will keep the product’s shapes and depths, the clothes will look more professional and consistent.

Our professionals will put their extra efforts to balance the color variations and also fix the remaining issues and deliver your given images before the deadline. A customer needs to understand the fabric of the garments as well as the design in detail; and of course the shape of the garment before buying the product. Our service will solve all these problems of the customer and make them relieved while buying, and in this way, the consumer will be benefitted as well.

We Provide Our Services to

  • eCommerce Business
  • Garments Industry
  • Professional Photo Editors
  • Photo Editing Agency
  • Professional Photographers

Also, we are glad to offer our services to all other professionals and personal users who work with photos. Thereby assist you to increase the quality of the image and get a more enhanced result. If you are one of them who requires our creative expertise in ghost mannequin services, pleasecontact usfor afree trialand to get a customized quote on your project.