E-commerce Image Editing Services

E-commerce image editing service is an important issue for the businessman, especially for those who are thinking about online marketing or already have an online business. If you think about your product photo editing you must think about the proper effect which can attract the customer’s attention. Just think about this that they are not in front of your products, they are in front of mobile, PC or other digital devices. So it’s important to make your e-commerce live to your customers. You should make your product photo crystal clear. You must think about color and shadow fixing. Furthermore, you must set a correct frame for your e-commerce product. Contrast and brightness is another important issue for e-commerce image editing because it attracts buyer attention. Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc like white background of e-commerce. We take care of all the facts. If you want to outsource product photo editing service our photo editing company is best for you. ClippingPathSpot helps e-commerce owners to achieve targeted customer by ensuring the international standard quality of photo editing!   

Photo Trims for eCommerce 

Photo Trims is an important fact for the eCommerce . If any buyer visits your website he or she will first look at your product images. If all of those featured images are presented well then he or she will click to check the design, quality, price etc. But you fail to uphold your e-commerce images attractively on your website customer will no longer stay on your website only for the lacking of image quality. If you look at the most popular eCommerce website like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, Wayfair they are fully conscious about image trimming to influence sales. We provide the best image editing service because we train up regularly our team members to make our image editing service exclusive and quality.    

Image Editing For The Online Shops 

The online outlet is nothing but a virtual shop where you must display your products attractively to generate sales. You may have apparel, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, accessories etc. You should uphold your images in such a way that can attract visitors to your online shop. Without a doubt, e-commerce product images quality has a direct influence on sales. At the same time, it also increases brand value.   

Amazon, eBay and other B2C Image Requirements 

If you are selling products on popular Business to customers platforms like Amazon, eBay etc. Our team is completely well-known about their requirements. At the time of dealing work, you have to mention the site name only. Amazon likes professional photograph, realistic color without no sticker. Similarly, eBay also likes this common image requirement for their online shop. But eBay has some extra requirements for background color, watermark etc. 

 eCommerce Photo Requirements According to Google and other Search Engines  

Google and other engines like unique image or photo. Google suggests to keep the image size under 70kb. Generally, Google likes white background and informative (raw file name, properties info). The search engine generates lead to any website if they follow the guidelines. 

Common Photo Editing Services from Our Workstation 

Shoe Photo Editing

Color correction is one of the major issues for shoe photo editing. We offer all type of service such as background removal, line drawing, retouching etc according to your demand. We can uphold the moving part of shoes. Furthermore, we edit in such a way that ensures lively looking. We can use a plain background to make shoes attractive. Lighting is another important fact and we can correct it easily. 

Clothing Photo Editing

Clothing photo editing is too much important because already you have realized that poor quality images are nothing but loosing valuable customers. A bit of light changing can change the original clothing color. Customers can ask for a refund because of no matching of the real products and uploaded products on your website. We are expert on exposure correction, color correction, background removal, ghost mannequin etc. 

Beauty Products Photo Editing 

Beauty products have a demand on online marketing. It should be shown professionally. Beauty products are not complicated. We can easily uphold beauty products attractively! We can optimize and edit your eCommerce product attractively. Some pictures of beauty products need keen photo correction such as nail polish, lipstick, perfume make-up etc. Our experienced editor can do this with great perfection.    

Electronics Photo Editing

To edit electronic items our team focuses on the realistic view. Because a buyer wants to see how the product looks like. Before buying any electronic items like mobile, computer, camera, tab, headphone or accessories visitor will scan every point of the item. You don’t need to think about photo enhancements including photo cleaning, glamorizing, blemish removal, background removal, restoration etc. 

Furniture Photo Editing

Furniture without professional photo editing is valueless for your business. Generally, each furniture has a high value but if your furniture has no attractive look then customers will find another online outlet. Only for the image, you will lose a big amount of profit. We are expert in furniture photo editing. We can easily do it for any types of furniture like bed, chair, sofa, table, dressing table, cupboard, sideboard, bookshelf, shoe-rack 

Motor Parts & Machinery Photo Editing

We are expert in motor parts photo editing service. Besides this, car/automobile parts editing we also expert I in farming machinery, household machinery, factory machines and other machinery.  We edit excellently every point of any machine. Check our premium service with the trial offer.  

Samples of eCommerce Photo Editing Services

Background removal

Background removal photo editing work is important work for any e-commerce website to make the image eye-catchy. Besides this, other photoshop technic should be implemented. The Image background removal service is an image manipulation technic that removes the unwanted canvas or backdrop from an image. By erasing unwanted objects we make an Image attractive to the buyers. At the same time, we can edit such a way that will help to rank on Google and other search engines. 

Background Removal Service for the Popular eCommerce 

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc sites have their own guideline. If you want to sell your product on their website you must follow their guideline. As we are familiar with their work you may trust ourselves.  


Photo retouching service enhances the look of any products. Our professional editors remove all unwanted imperfections of any products which ensure you the best photo retouching services. Our skilled photo editor adjust color realistically which can achieve customer’s trust! Product photography is expensive. It will be more expensive if you want to edit the bulk amount of images in your studio.  

Don’t make your work expensive. We are here to help your business growing. Check our free trial to judge image editing quality. However, Don’t think about the quality we will revise your e-commerce images according to your suggestion. We will l save your time by assuring the best photo editing quality. 

Invisible Mannequin / Ghost Mannequin / Hollow Man Effect:

Nowadays, shooting with the model is too much costly. We are expert in ghost mannequin, hollow man effect, invisible effect. These technics can minimize your budget. Before doing this make sure of the quality! We are here to prove our work with quality. 

Color Match

Color match is essential for any e-commerce owner. Most of the products come with various different color. Our expert image editors are experienced in this popular work. If you are selling clothing, beauty products, electronics etc you must need color match service. Clippingpathspot needs one-color images then makes it as many as you need.  


To make your products attractive you need shadow service. It makes your products different from others. Our team is expert in the glow, flat, and perspective shadow service. You can take these advantages from our skill team members. Make a difference to grow your online business.  


Reflection makes a product attractive. The mirror reflection effect makes your products artistic. You can make your products fantastic with this effect. This effect makes the different value of your website.

Clipping Path

Clipping path service is more important work not only for an eCommerce but also the type of services that need images. Clipping Path is a process that isolated an object from the background. This is an important part of e-commerce photo editing. It gives a realistic view of any products. 


If you think about the offline market there must-have product display showcase. Generally, customers choose products from the showcase. That is why shop owners arrange products with an artistic layout to attract customers. Similarly, if you have an online shop, you should also follow the same procedure in a different way. On your eCommerce, you must display your products according to category attractively.  

For your eCommerce, you need to display your product image attractively like the general shop. If you failed to arrange your products attractively, customers might not choose your products. In this case, you will be a failure online business owner. Without a great presentation of images, you might lose your customers.  

Now think deeply, if you have eye-catchy attractive product images, it will help increase sales. Properly edited images influence the buyer’s mind to buy your products. 

Besides this, online marketing is an inseparable part of eCommerce. Our team is ready to make the best advertising photo for your digital marketing. 

  • Photo editing can boost your sales  
  • It can increase brand value. 
  • It upholds product images properly. 
  • It can clean the background of your product. 
  • It separates any objects from any product images. 
  • It can re-coloring to make any product image attractive. 
  • You can change the shape. 
  • It can ensure ideal photo masking. 
  • You can add mirror reflection to make your products exclusive. 


Build your website with the artistic appearance with the touch of the great image. Make your website SEO friendly. Make the banners attractive. Just think about the image size. This is not only for the banner images but also for product images. Just think about yourself, if you are a customer which product attracts you? And why do you like the image? 

Make your product realistic. It will help customer to buy your products. And if the customer get the product same like the web image they might review your product positively. So as an eCommerce owner you must aware of photography perfection. You should customize your layout such a way which can present your perfectly. 


ClippingPathSpot doesn’t compromise with the quality. We ensure best image editing service. We have worked with many e-commerce world wide. At the same time, we have experienced with many biggest where you may have a merchant account. We are familiar with many e-commerce CMS like shopify, woocommerce, abantycart, opencart, presta shop as well as raw coded website.  


  • We submit our work before the deadline 
  • We ensure premium quality. 
  • We offer affordable price. 
  • We have gathered world-wide knowledge to optimize e-commerce images 
  • We have highly experieced image editors. 
  • Our team ready to support 24/7 
  • We offer special discounts for the regular customers 
  • We also offer discount on bulk orders 

eCommerce image editing service is the base of any online business. About 75% buyers decide to product by choosing the image quality. Decision is yours, you may check our free trial offer to judge our image editing quality.